Watch out for that Poison Ivy!

Way too often do I have patients coming in with poison ivy or poison oak rashes. These plants can be found surrounding many of our yards, parks or paths during hikes. They cause an extremely itchy, oozing and blistering rash. The best way to prevent getting in contact with these plants is to know what to look for and how to avoid them. An easy way to distinguish Poison ivy and Poison Oak from other plants is that they have 3 leaves, so remember “leaves of three, let it be!

Here is a link with pictures and more descriptions of the plants. It is important to know that the oils that come from the plants are what make our skin react. If you know you have come in contact with the plant immediately wash your clothes and clean your skin thoroughly with soap and water. If the oils come in contact with anything like your shoes, sheets, or couches, the oils can then touch a new area of your body or someone else’s and spread the rash. So make sure to clean quickly and thoroughly! If you start to notice an unusual rash on your body make sure to come in to our office so we can treat you if necessary. To learn more tips about poisonous plants click on the link!